Siaya County

Coordinates: 0°05′S 34°15′E / 0.083°S 34.250°E / -0.083; 34.250
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Siaya County
Siaya Kababa
Coat of arms of Siaya County
Location in Kenya
Location in Kenya
Country Kenya
Formed4 March 2013
 • GovernorJames Orengo
 • Total2,496.1 km2 (963.7 sq mi)
 • Total993,183[1]
Time zoneUTC+3 (EAT)

Siaya County is one of the counties in the former Nyanza Province in western Kenya. It is bordered by Busia County to the north, Kakamega County and Vihiga County's to the northeast and Kisumu County to the southeast. It shares a water border with Homa Bay County which is located south of Siaya County. The total area of the county is approximately 2,496.1 km2. The county lies between latitude 0° 26' to 0° 18' north and longitude 33° 58' east and 34° 33' west. Siaya has been split up into six new districts. Under the Constitution 2010, the role of districts are still unclear as much of administrative authority is being transferred to the county. The capital is Siaya, even though the largest town is Bondo.


The population in the year 2019 was 993,183.[2]

Administrative divisions
Division Population* Urban pop.* Area Sub-locations Headquarters
Boro 47,455 0 180.1 km2 12 Boro
Karemo 76,986 12,611 235.1 km2 17 Siaya
Ugunja 77,006 3,382 198.8 km2 21 Ugunja
Ukwala 98,912 487 319.5 km2 28 Ukwala
Uranga 41,564 0 183.4 km2 13
Wagai 54,438 0 193.3 km2 18
Yala 83,823 2,165 209.8 km2 19 Yala
Ndori 67,543 4,532 432.6 km2 2 Ndori
Total 480,184 18,645 1,520 km2 128 -
* 1999 census. Sources: [1], [2], also added from District Commissioner's Office, Siaya 2001


Religion in Siaya County [3]

Religion (2019 Census) Number
Catholicismy 226,455
Protestant 224,860
Evangelical Churches 225,650
African instituted Churches 236,416
Orthodox 7,426
Other Cristian 34,443
Islam 4,994
Hindu 25
Traditionists 2,526
Other 16,993
No ReligionAtheists 8,614
Don't Know 1,07
Not Stated 233


In the 2007 elections the county, then district, had five constituencies: Alego Constituency, Gem Constituency, Rarieda Constituency, Bondo Constituency and Ugenya Constituency.

As of 2013, the county was made up of six constituencies namely Alego Usonga, Bondo, Gem, Rarieda, Ugenya, and Ugunja.[4]


At the 2007 parliamentary elections all five seats were won by Orange Democratic Movement.


Elections Governor Party Notes
2013 Cornel Amoth Rasanga ODM High Court in Kisumu nullified the election on 23 August 2013.[5]
George Okode County Assembly Speaker elevated to acting governor on 3 September 2013.[6][7]

Villages and settlements[edit]

  • Francis K. Cherogony first District Commissioner Siaya District February 1967
  • Oyango, a village in Siaya where Kenyan stage actor Stanley Joseph Ouma was born
  • Ujwang'a, a village in Siaya sub-location North East Ugenya location East Ugenya Ward of Siaya County
  • Anyieka
  • Nyabera, a village in South Central sub-location, Obambo location, Boro division in Alego Usonga Constituency
  • Marenyo, where Ronald Osumba hails from. He is the youngest Deputy President candidate in Kenya and currently the Chairman of the Youth Enterprise Development Fund
  • Nyayiera, a village in Central Asembo location, Rarieda Constituency, Siaya County
  • Nyamninia, a village in Yala division of Siaya County
  • Nyang'oma Kogelo, a village in Karemo Division of Siaya County
  • Bondo Kolalo, a village in Sihay Division, Ugenya sub county of Siaya County
  • Karadolo
  • Sidindi, a village in Ugunja Constituency of Siaya County.
  • Sigul, a village in Sihay Division, Ugenya sub county of Siaya County
  • Nyagondo, a village in Wagai Division, Gem Sub-County.
  • Lihanda, a village in East Gem Ward in Siaya County where Mathews Orwa Ong'ondo, The son to The Late Bishop Walter Ong'ondo of Nomiya Church was born
  • Naya, a village in South Uyoma ward, Madiany division, Rarieda Sub-County in Siaya County
  • Simerro - A village in Rangala Sub Location, Sidindi Ward, Ugunja Sub Sounty in Siaya County
  • Nyamila- A village in Nyamila Sub Location, North Alego Location, the birthplace of the late criminal lawyer Silvanus Melea Otieno and the late Reverend Elisha Otieno Wauna
  • Usenge, a village in Kagilo Sub-Location, Central Gem ward in Siaya County. Kagilo is the birthplace of Dr Joseph Aluoch husband to Lady Justice Joyce Aluoch, a judge at the ICC.
  • Got Regea, was the first black Kenyan cabinet minister in the Colonial Period was born in 1913- Mr. Appolo Ohanga
  • Ukalama, a village in Ugunja sub-county, Sigomere division, North Uholo location, Tingare East sub-location. This village is where the first Uholo-North location chief inspector, Mr. Onyango Sylvester Wandayi, grandfather of Opondo Alvin Omondi, was born.
  • Nyabenge, a village in Abom sublocation, North sakwa location, Maranda Division of Bondo District where the Arch Bishop of New Jerusalem Roho Israel Church Jashon Odhiambo Were was born.
  • Kagwa, a village
  • Kanyiner/Kanyinek, a village which houses Ugenya High School and can by accessed from Ligega on the Kisumu-Busia highway
  • Senior Chief Daudi Olak Owino, former Chief Dentist to President Moi, Dr George Owino


Majority of the population consist of members of the Luo tribe. However, it's possible to come across Luhya tribe in nearly every village, some for work, some are married.

Notable Secondary Schools[edit]


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