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Gukje Shibal 국제자동차 시발.jpg
A replica Sibal constructed by the Samsung Transportation Museum from the original blueprints.
Production 1955-1963
Assembly Euljiro, South Korea
Jongno, South Korea
Yongsan, South Korea
Body and chassis
Related Willys Jeep
Nissan Patrol (4W60)
Engine 1.3 L 1322 cc 4-cylinder
Transmission ADV 3 only go back to the 1st MT

The Sibal car was the first car produced in South Korea. It was produced from May 1955 to August 1963. The word Sibal (시발, 始發) means 'inception' or 'beginning'.[1]

The first Sibal was hand-built by brothers Choi Mu-seong, Choi Hae-seong and Choi Soon-seong, based on the famous Willys Jeep. Initial demands for Sibal were low. But after winning a presidential award, production began to flourish.[2]


A replica Sibal constructed by an unknown museum.

Then the four-cylinder Jeep exhibited: foot car type was the six-seater. Parts localization efforts for, as a result, induced many quality problems. Glass is a glass of non-reinforced laminated glass or glass 2, using the roads were cracked, when to go. The price for the first time, only 8 cars Sibal and hospitality, a year after the taxi transportation companies interested in the 30 million were sold by raising up the hospitality but the rapid increase in car oil surge. due at the time, Syngman Rhee Government on May 8, 1957, the only Government to limit the number of cars 5 and 8 line, which impose urgent measures while hitting car sales: foot prayer. Aka the yellow ticket depending on the production license, called the car the car is 5-16 military Jung Sibal changed since government grants-breaks and May 16 coup as the Nissan Bluebird car in 1962, a new imported cars sold under the name the country, sales plummeted in May 1963, the cumulative production of about 2 feet on the 236 cars discontinued after.

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