Mount Sibayak

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Mount Sibayak
Gunung Sibayak (Indonesian)
Deleng Sibayak (Karo)
Highest point
Elevation 2,212 m (7,257 ft)
Listing Ribu
Coordinates 3°12′0″N 98°31′0″E / 3.20000°N 98.51667°E / 3.20000; 98.51667
Location Sumatra, Indonesia
Mountain type Stratovolcano
Last eruption 1881
Mount Sibayak in 1920s
The "Sibajak raja berampat", the so-called four princes with their wives, Karolanden, North Sumatra (1914-1919)

Mt. Sibayak (Indonesian:Gunung Sibayak) is a small stratovolcano overlooking the town of Berastagi in northern Sumatra, Indonesia. Although its last eruption was more than a century ago, geothermal activity in the form of steam vents and hot springs remains high on and around the volcano. The vents produce crystalline sulfur, which was mined on a small scale in the past. Seepage of sulfurous gases has also caused acidic discolouration of the small crater lake.

Sibayak is a term from the Karo Batak language referring to a founding community. It is relatively easy to climb and has been a tourist attraction since colonial times.

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