Sibel Özkan

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Sibel Özkan
Personal information
Birth name Özkan
Nationality Turkish
Born (1988-03-03) March 3, 1988 (age 30)
Height 1.55 m (5.1 ft) (2009)
Weight 48 kg (106 lb) (2009)
Country Turkey
Sport Weightlifting
Event(s) 48 kg

Sibel Özkan (born March 3, 1988 in Afyonkarahisar) is a Turkish weightlifter competing in the Women's 48 kg division. She is 1.55 m (5.1 ft) tall and weighs 48 kg (106 lb).

She initially won the silver medal in the 48 kg event at the 2008 Summer Olympics, but in 2016 her result was annulled due to a doping violation upon reanalysis of samples from 2008.

Personal life[edit]

She was born on March 3, 1988 to Ramazan and his wife to Kezban in Kozluca village of Afyonkarahisar, Turkey as the youngest of three siblings. As she was three years of age, her parents divorced. Unable to look after her children, the mother placed Sİbel's brother Bülent, at that time four years old, and Özgür, who was five years old, into a children's dormitory in Afyonkarahisar. However, Sibel had to be moved to another city, since the orphanage was only for boys. She was put in a children's home in Konya.[1]

Her mother Kezban Özkan died one year after she placed her children in orphanages. Sibel's brothers joined her in the same orphanage in Konya two years later.[1]

As she was 13 years of age, Sibel shifted to another orphanage in the same city. There, she started to perform sports with judo. However, her interest changed soon to weightlifting despite her brother's opposition. She was trained by Süreyya Horasanlı and Sami Özsu, becoming successful at national and international championships in the 48 kg category.[1] Sibel is member of the weightlifting-specialized sports club of Kuyulusebil Halter İhtisas S.K. in Konya.[2]

After finishing the high school at the age of 18, she attended Gaziosmanpaşa University in Tokat to study physical education and sports, where she is still a student.[3]

In 2009, Sibel married to Ömer Öz, a medal-winning Turkish weightlifter,[4][5] whom she was engaged to since 2006. The couple separated the same year.[6]

Achievements and honours[edit]

After coming fourth in the snatch event at the 2007 World Weightlifting Championships - Women's 48 kg, she won her first Olympics silver medal in the Beijing Summer Olympics on August 9, 2008, held at the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Gymnasium coming second to the then winner of the 2007 World Weightlifting Championships - Women's 48 kg Xiexia Chen. Sibel won the silver medal with 111.0 kg in the Clean and Jerk achieving 199.0 kg in total.

Achieving 117.0 kg in the 48 kg Clean and Jerk category at the 2009 World Weightlifting Championships held in Goyang, South Korea, Sibel Özkan became Turkey's first ever female gold medalist in weightlifting at world championships.[7]

Doping case[edit]

In 2016, the International Olympic Committee requested the return of the silver medal that she won at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China, due to her failing a repeated drug test for using Stanozolol.[8]

Stats and records[edit]

Olympic Games
Rank Event Year Venue Snatch Clean & Jerk Total
DSQ (2nd) −48 kg 2008  China, Beijing 88.0 111.0 199.0
World Championships
Rank Event Year Venue Snatch Clean & Jerk Total
 Silver –48 kg 2014  Kazakhstan, Almaty 84.0
 Silver 189.0
 Silver –48 kg 2010  Turkey, Antalya 90.0
 Bronze 115.0
 Silver 205.0
 Bronze –48 kg 2009  South Korea, Goyang 89.0
 Gold 117.0
 Silver 206.0
4 −48 kg 2007  Thailand Chiang Mai 84.0 108.0 192.0
European Championships
Rank Event Year Venue Snatch Clean & Jerk Total
 Silver –48 kg 2016  Norway, Førde 82.0
 Gold 100.0
 Gold 182.0
 Bronze –48 kg 2015  Georgia, Tbilisi 80.0
 Gold 99.0
 Gold 179.0
 Silver −48 kg 2008  Italy, Lignano Sabbiadoro 86.0 110.0 ERJ 196.0 ERJ
4 −48 kg 2007  France, Strasbourg 78.0 87.5 165.5
6 −48 kg 2005  Bulgaria, Sofia 87.5 70.0 157.5
Mediterranean Games
Rank Event Year Venue Snatch Clean & Jerk
 Silver −48 kg 2013  Turkey, Mersin 78.0
 Silver −48 kg 2005  Spain, Almeria ?


  • ERJ European Record Juniors


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