Siberian Black Pied pig

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Siberian Black Pied
Other namesRussian: Cибиpcкaя черно-пестрая
Sibirskaya cherno-pestraya
Country of originRussia
  • Pig
  • Sus scrofa domesticus

The Siberian Black Pied (Russian: Cибиpcкaя черно-пестрая, Sibirskaya cherno-pestraya) is a pig breed from Russia. The breed was raised from stock rejected in the process of developing the North Siberian breed. It is a specialised breed for the Novosibirsk region with headcount ranging from 4000 to 12000 since the 1960s according to the FAO.[1] Some characteristics of the breed include having rough skin that is wrinkle-free on the head and legs, being covered with soft dense bristles and underhair, and having full hams. There exist four boar lines and four sow families.

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