Sibiti River

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The Sibiti River is a seventy-five-kilometre waterway which connects Lake Eyasi and Lake Kitangari, and one of the few non-man-made canals in the world.

Both Lakes Eyasi and Kitangari are located south from The Serengeti National Park, Tanzania.

The Sibiti River has one tributary, The Semu River. The Sibiti River belongs to a rather dense Basin which includes Lake Eyasi, and several rivers entering Lake Kitangiri, including:

Sibiti River in History[edit]

  • A Bantu-speaking people, The Nyiramba, crossed the Sibiti River while looking for pacific lands. Some of their anecdoctes highlight the marshy nature of the area around the Sibiti River.
  • Some archaeological remains have been found near lake Eyasi by a German Expedition in the 1930s.


Coordinates: 3°49′S 34°46′E / 3.817°S 34.767°E / -3.817; 34.767