Sibiu Lutheran Cathedral

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Sibiu Lutheran Cathedral
Catedrala Evanghelica - Sibiu.jpg
View of the main facade of the Lutheran Cathedral
Basic information
Location Huet Square, Sibiu, Romania
Geographic coordinates 45°47′52″N 24°08′59″E / 45.7978°N 24.1498°E / 45.7978; 24.1498Coordinates: 45°47′52″N 24°08′59″E / 45.7978°N 24.1498°E / 45.7978; 24.1498
Affiliation Evangelical Church of Augustana (Augsburg) Confession in Romania
Region Sibiu
Ecclesiastical or organizational status Cathedral
Status Active
Architectural description
Architectural type Church
Architectural style Gothic
Groundbreaking 1371 (1371)
Completed 1520 (1520)
Direction of façade South
Height (max) 73.34 metres (240.6 ft)

The Lutheran Cathedral of Saint Mary (German: Evangelische Stadtpfarrkirche in Hermannstadt, Romanian: Biserica Evanghelică din Sibiu) is the most famous Gothic-style church in Sibiu, Transylvania, Romania. Its massive 73.34 m high steeple is a landmark of the city. The four turrets situated on top of the steeple were a sign to let foreigners know that the town had the right to sentence to death. It belongs to the Lutheran, German-speaking Evangelical Church of Augustan Confession in Romania.


The Sibiu Lutheran Cathedral was built in the 14th century on the location of another 12th-century church. For three centuries it served as a burial place for the mayors, earls and other personalities from Sibiu. This practice was banned in 1796 but one exception was made in 1803 when baron Samuel von Brukenthal was laid to rest in the crypt.

In 1671 a Slovakian craftsman built an organ to replace the previous one that was built in 1585. Today the newer organ is the largest in the southeastern region of Europe. During the summer, there are concerts every Wednesday night.


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