Sic Transit Vir

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"Sic Transit Vir"
Babylon 5 episode
Episode no. Season 3
Episode 12
Directed by Jesus Trevino
Written by J. Michael Straczynski
Production code 313
Original air date April 15, 1996
Guest appearance(s)

Carmen Thomas (Lyndisty)
Damian London (Centauri Official)

Episode chronology
← Previous
"Ceremonies of Light and Dark"
Next →
"A Late Delivery from Avalon"
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Sic Transit Vir is an episode from the third season of the science-fiction television series Babylon 5. It is a Latin phrase which translates as "thus passes Vir," but since the Latin word [vir] literally means "man," it might be read as "so goes man."


Vir's fiancee from an arranged marriage arrives at Babylon 5. Vir's "work" through his diplomatic office on Minbar is uncovered.

The episode opens with Ivanova having one of a sequence of dreams; in this one she stands in C&C naked. She confides to Captain Sheridan about having odd dreams, without mentioning any details. He suggests the dreams are a part of assimilating recent major changes on the station, and consoles her that it could be worse—she could be dreaming of being in C&C naked.

Vir is meeting with a royal councilor elsewhere, whilst a collection of Narns lurk in his room.

Londo is attempting to exterminate a rather large bug that has gotten into his quarters. A beautiful young Centauri, Lyndisty, enters his room. When Vir arrives, Londo introduces her to him: she is Vir's arranged bride.

Meanwhile, Zack Allan reports to Ivanova that a suspicious number of Narn have been passing through the station, all with papers purportedly signed by a Centauri bureaucrat, "Abrahamo Lincolni", an identity shown to have been invented by Vir.

Separately, Sheridan has invited Delenn to his quarters for an evening meal. He has prepared flarn, but apparently his cooking leaves something to be desired; Delenn politely eats it, distracting Sheridan by talking about a picture on his wall, and then heavily seasoning it to render it (somewhat) edible.

Ivanova calls in Vir for questioning; in return he questions her on how best to approach his new bride.

Shortly after in the hallway, a Narn shouts "murderer" as he lunges at Vir, who shelters his fiancée. Only the timely intervention of Sheridan and station security saves them. The Narn shouted a blood oath before he was killed, and Sheridan wonders why anyone would have a blood oath against someone as gentle as Vir.

Sheridan and Delenn, as she helps him do up his jacket (he has difficulty due to the injury he received to his arm whilst defending Vir from the attack of the Narn), are about to kiss as Ivanova interrupts, summoning him to Londo's quarters, with news that every last Narn prisoner transferred by Vir is now listed as dead. Londo is surprised and very pleased to learn of his apprentice's personal contribution to the pacification of the Narn homeworld. Vir, intensely discomfited, finally confesses he has been forging death certificates to smuggle live Narns away from the reach of the Centauri—mostly women, children, and elders who carry Narn traditions.

Vir returns to his room to find his bride demurely guarding a bound, gagged Narn on the floor. She proudly offers over the prisoner to Vir for him to kill. She has no regard for Narn life, proudly mentioning how she accompanied her father on Narn culling, and has personally knifed hundreds of Narn. The captured Narn is revealed to be the pouch brother of the earlier attacker; they were the only survivors from a village massacred by Lyndisty and her father. Vir is horrified; his reaction genuinely puzzles Lyndisty, yet her affection for Vir is genuine.

Londo, deeply disappointed at Vir's aiding the enemy, terminates Vir's position on Minbar and sends Lyndisty back to Centauri Prime while her family reconsiders the position and the potential marriage.

Ivanova uses the tricks that Vir was using to keep the underground railroad going as a way to save more Narns, adding more detail to the fake identity of "Abrahamo Lincolni", including a doctored photo of Sheridan as a Centauri.

Vir and Lyndisty say goodbye, each thinking the other is odd, but that in time the other's views will soften.

Arc significance[edit]

  • The Centauri are trying to pacify the conquered Narn homeworld.
  • Vir has been running an underground railroad to rescue Narns from the Centauri.
  • Ivanova takes over Vir's underground railroad.

Production details[edit]

  • This is Damian London's second appearance on the series, but apparently not as the Centauri who will become the Regent after Cartagia's assassination.

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