Sica Hollow State Park

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Sica Hollow State Park
South Dakota State Park
Country  United States
State  South Dakota
County Marshall, Roberts
Location Sisseton
 - elevation 1,781 ft (543 m) [1]
 - coordinates 45°44′31″N 97°14′33″W / 45.74194°N 97.24250°W / 45.74194; -97.24250Coordinates: 45°44′31″N 97°14′33″W / 45.74194°N 97.24250°W / 45.74194; -97.24250
Location of Sica Hollow State Park in South Dakota

Sica Hollow State Park (also Sieche Hollow State Park) is a state park of South Dakota, USA. It was named Sica, (pronounced See-Chah [2]) a Dakota word for bad or evil, due to the iron-red tinted water which was seen as blood by the Dakota tribe in the area.

The Legend of Sica Hollow[edit]

Sica Hollow once protected many peaceful Indian camps. Its trees blocked the North Wind. But, a stranger named Hand came. He scared the females of the tribe. The old men said he would leave come spring.

However Hand did not leave when expected. Instead he taught the young boys to strike and kill. The old men sought help from Wicasa Wakan (wee-cha-sha wah-kahn), Medicine Man. They wanted to know what should be sacrificed to make the Hollow as it was.

Wicasa Wakan returned to his lodge and waited for Wakantanka (wah-kahn-tahn-kah), the Great Spirit, to reply. Soon Wakantanka sent his messenger, Thunderer. Thunderer's eyes flashed. His dark wings beat the air, and he brought a cloud that rained over the Hollow. Madness seized Hand. He tried to run, but vines encircled his ankles. The water filled his screaming mouth. Thunderer's talons ripped out his eyes so he would never see the Happy Hunting Ground.

Of all the people in the Hollow, only a raven-haired maiden called Fawn was saved from the rising water. She fled to the top of the highest hill and sang her grief and remorse to the Great Spirit. Then she slept many days. When she awoke, the Hollow was clean and bright. Yet the memory and the evil name linger.[3][4]


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