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Sichuan Road and Bridge Group
State-owned enterprise
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Sichuan Road and Bridge Group (abbreviated as SRBG) is a Chinese engineering company that builds civil works in domestic and international projects.

International projects[edit]

Most of the company's business is in China but it also carries out work in Eritrea, Norway, Tanzania, Cambodia, and the United Arab Emirates.[1]

The company has had an especially long standing relationship with Eritrea with both Chinese and Eritrea officials calling the company a positive force in bilateral relations.[2] In Eritrea it has built several major civil works including roads and hospitals and employs 3,000 local employees.[2]

  • Norway Awarded in 2013 a €93 million contract to build the steelwork for the 1553 meter long Hålogaland Bridge in Norway to be completed in 2017.[3]
  • Eritrea 6 projects in Eritrea starting from 1996 including the Massawa Municipal Road Works (1996); Asmara Municipal Road Works (2004); Massawa Seawall Road Rehabilitation Project (2005); Asmara Optical Hospital Improvement Project (2011); Eritrean Technology College Improvement & Extension Project (2012); and Eritrean Agriculture College Improvement & Extension Project (2012).[1] Work had been disrupted by the outbreak of the Eritrean–Ethiopian War but the company continued involvement in the country.[2]


The company is also involved in gold mining in Eritrea. Through its subsidiary, Sichuan Road & Bridge Mining Investment Development Corp. Ltd., purchased a 60% stake in gold mining asset from Sunridge Gold for $US65 million in November 2015.[4]


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