Sico Pass

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Sico Pass
Paso sico.JPG
Elevation4,092 m (13,425 ft)[1]
LocationArgentinaChile border
Coordinates23°50′S 67°15′W / 23.833°S 67.250°W / -23.833; -67.250Coordinates: 23°50′S 67°15′W / 23.833°S 67.250°W / -23.833; -67.250[1]
Sico Pass is located in Argentina
Sico Pass

Sico Pass (Spanish: Paso de Sico) is a mountain pass on the border between Argentina and Chile. The pass is located on the main divide of the Andes. Administratively, it separates the province of Salta in Argentina and the region of Antofagasta in Chile.

The pass is served by Chile Route 23, here a paved road, and Argentina Route 51, connecting San Pedro de Atacama on the Chilean side with Catua and San Antonio de los Cobres on the Argentinian side.[1][2] The Chile Route 23 reaches an altitude of 4,580 metres (15,030 ft) 24 km west of the border.



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