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In Greek mythology, Sicyon (/ˈsɪkn/; Ancient Greek: Σικυών) is the eponym of the polis of the same name, which was said to have previously been known as Aegiale[1] and, earlier, Mecone.[2] His father is named variously as Marathon, Metion, Erechtheus or Pelops.[3] Sicyon married Zeuxippe, the daughter of Lamedon, the previous king of the polis and region that would come to be named after him.[4] They had a daughter Chthonophyle, who bore two sons: Polybus to Hermes and, later, Androdamas to Phlius, the son of Dionysus.[5] Stephanus of Byzantium (s.v. Phlius) and the scholia to Apollonius of Rhodes, Argonautica 1.115, however, say that she bore Phlius to Dionysus.


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