Sid El-Antri massacre

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Algerian massacres in 1997
Massacres in which over 50 people were killed:
Thalit massacre 3–4 April
Haouch Khemisti massacre 21 April
Daïat Labguer (M'sila) Massacre 16 June
Si-Zerrouk massacre 27 July
Oued El-Had and Mezouara massacre 3 August
Souhane massacre 20–21 August
Beni-Ali massacre 26 August
Rais massacre 29 August
Beni-Messous massacre 5–6 September
Guelb El-Kebir massacre 19 September
Bentalha massacre 22 September
Sid El-Antri massacre 23–24 December
Wilaya of Relizane massacres 30 December
1998 →

The Sid El-Antri massacre took place on the night of 23–24 December 1997 in two small villages near Tiaret, Algeria. The death toll is unclear; Reuters cites "at least 80", or 48 according to the government, Le Jeune Independent says 117 people were killed and 11 abducted by terrorists, and a timeline gives 53 (including 15 children) killed in Sidi el-Antri (or Sidi el-Antar, Sidi Lamri) and 28 in Shari. On the same day, 11 were killed further away in the Bainem area near Algiers. A few days later, another 26 civilians were killed in the Zouabria massacre, also near Tiaret.

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