Siddhanath Temple, Mhaswad

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Shri Sidhhanath Temple, Mhaswad
Shri Mhaswad Sidhhanath
Shri Mhaswad Sidhhanath
Shri Sidhhanath Temple, Mhaswad is located in Maharashtra
Shri Sidhhanath Temple, Mhaswad
Shri Sidhhanath Temple, Mhaswad
Location within Maharashtra
Marathi सिद्धनाथ मंदिर, म्हसवड
Coordinates 17°37′52″N 74°47′15″E / 17.63111°N 74.78750°E / 17.63111; 74.78750
Country India
State Maharashtra
District Satara district
Location Mhaswad
Architectural styles Mandir architecture
History and governance
Date built 12th century
Sidhhanath and Jogeshwari

Mhaswad is well known for Lord Siddhanath. Siddhanath is believed to be incarnation of Lord Shiva. Siddhanath is patron god of adjacent regions and one of among several regional protective (Kshetrapal) gods of Maharashtra.Mhaswad is situated on the bank of Manganaga river. Historically, this place was ruled by Mane(माने), a Maratha Kshatriya96kuli clan. The Manes were Noblemen under Deccan Sultanates as well as aurangjeb mongal and therefore were considered as pillars of Maratha Empire.Sardar nagoji Mane was one of the famous ruler of mhaswad and ally of chatrapati rajaram maharaj. Sardar Subhanji Mane who is son of Nagoji Mane and had taken part in war of panipat against abdali. A festival called Jatra of lord Shri Siddhanath is celebrated every year by the people here. In this festival, a chariot of Siddhanath is taken around the town by His devotees. Lord Shri Siddhanath Ratha Yatra is a great Festival . lakhs of peoples from all over Maharashtra comes in Mhaswad for this Yatra season Every year .SIDHHANATH is KULDAVAT of all Maratha MANE surname CLAN.

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