Siddheshwar, Raigad

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Not to be confused with Siddheshwar, Solapur.

Siddheshwar is a small village in Raigad district (Tehsil/Taluka Sudhagad) of Maharashtra state in India. The village is about 5 km from Pali Village, which is a site visited by Hindu pilgrims. Pali is known for Ballaleshwar Temple, which is one of Ashtavinayak.


Geographical details of Siddheshwar : Latitude : 18.5843 Longitude : 73.27991

The area of Siddheshwar has a Branch Post Office & is in the postal division of Raigad, postal region of Mumbai and postal circle of Maharashtra.(PIN Code 410205)

Telephone Code / ISD Code: +91 2194


Siddheshwar is distributed on two levels :

  1. Upper Siddheshwar 2) Lower Siddheshwar.

Siddheshwar is blessed with lot of agricultural & forest land. Local people own/work in rice and different crop farms. As well, there are some cashew trees.

This village has not been significantly modernised and does not have a hospital or a school. Students from the village travel to Pali every day for school. The nearest hospital is also far away from village.

This village has a few famous temples such as Bapooji temple (Village God), Shankar Mandir, Hanuman Mandir & famous 21 Ganapati Mandir. In this temple, the 21 Ganapati idols were found when excavation was in progress for another reason. These idols are said to be from the distant past.

Few villagers have Gobar gas plants for daily cooking. The villagers are environment friendly.