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Side Salad Records is an English independent record label founded in London 2001. NME describes the label as, "a label known for its roster of strange artists".[1]


Side Salad Records’ first release in 2004 was a 5-track vinyl 12" EP by Wurzel Miyagi entitled Stool Pigeon and the Enema Bagpipes. Three members of Wurzel Miyagi (Richard Jones, Ciaran Jeremiah and Paul Stewart) went on to form successful UK pop band The Feeling.

Side Salad Records’ second release was Three Moods of the Noisettes[2][3] by Noisettes, in April 2005. The "Three Moods…" EP was released on CD with a limited run of 1,500 copies. A sister release on 7" vinyl accompanied, featuring Don’t Give Up and "Count of Monte Christo (extended mix)". This 7" was hand numbered and had hand stamped artwork, only 1000 were made. These are the first Noisettes releases.

Side Salad Records’ third release was Noisettes third single, Scratch Your Name. This single had two unique b-sides "The Wind Blows Hot" and "Rifle Song". Side Salad Records’ fourth release in 2006 was the critically acclaimed album "Coming Clean",[4] by Gary Lucas & Gods and Monsters, an "Underground Supergroup" (New York Times). "Coming Clean" featured a collection of many prominent and established members of the, principally New York, underground rock scene together on one record, including: Gary Lucas (lead vocals and Guitar); Billy Ficca (Drums); Jerry Harrison (Keyboards);Ernie Brooks (Bass); Jason Candler (Sax); David Johansen (Vocals on 'One Man's Meat'); Elli Medeiros and Alabama 3.

The album El Limb Men Oh Pee, by Mayor McCA, is the fifth and latest from Side Salad Records.

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