Side Two

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Side Two
Album Side Two Cover.jpg
Studio album by Adrian Belew
Released July 12, 2005
Genre Rock, experimental rock, avant-garde, electronic
Length 33:12
Label Sanctuary
Producer Adrian Belew
Adrian Belew chronology
Side One
Side Two
Side Three

Side Two is the fourteenth solo album by Adrian Belew, released in 2005.

It is part of a series of albums. The other three so far to be released are Side One, Side Three and Side Four. This album features the song "Dead Dog On Asphalt".

Cover artwork[edit]

Previously, Adrian Belew was driving his truck and nearly hit a dog, when another ended up in front of him and couldn't get away. He had always wanted to be a painter, but never had something that he was inspired to paint. After dragging the dead dog off the road, he decided that he knew what he should paint. The result of this is the album's cover: resembling a 'dead dog on asphalt' (the opening track).[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Dead Dog on Asphalt" - 4:05
  2. "I Wish I Knew" - 3:19
  3. "Face to Face" - 3:03
  4. "Asleep" - 5:23
  5. "Sex Nerve" - 3:06
  6. "Then What" - 3:02
  7. "Quicksand" - 3:19
  8. "I Know Now" - 1:26
  9. "Happiness" - 1:53
  10. "Sunlight" - 4:32


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