Sideia Island

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Sideia Island
Nickname: St. Bonaventure Island
Sideia Island is located in Papua New Guinea
Sideia Island
Sideia Island
Coordinates10°35′19″S 150°52′55″E / 10.58861°S 150.88194°E / -10.58861; 150.88194Coordinates: 10°35′19″S 150°52′55″E / 10.58861°S 150.88194°E / -10.58861; 150.88194[1]
ArchipelagoLouisiade Archipelago
Adjacent bodies of waterSolomon Sea
Total islands1
Major islands
  • Sideia
Area101.3 km2 (39.1 sq mi)
Length13.5 km (8.39 mi)
Width15.5 km (9.63 mi)
Coastline150 km (93 mi)
Highest elevation377 m (1237 ft)
Highest pointMount Kipoki
Province Milne Bay
Island GroupSamarai Islands
Island GroupSideia Islands
Largest settlementSideia (pop. 400)
Population1890 (2014)
Pop. density18.66/km2 (48.33/sq mi)
Ethnic groupsPapauans, Austronesians, Melanesians.
Additional information
Time zone

Sideia Island is an island in the Louisiade Archipelago in Milne Bay Province, Papua New Guinea.


The island is part of the following Wards:

  • Sauasauaga, on the southwest cape. (This Ward is mostly on Sariba)
  • Gotai, on the southeast area (with Populai Island)
  • Sekuku, on the central area (with Dinana Island)
  • Tegerauna, on the northeast area.
  • Sideia, on the northwest area.

All Wards belong to Bwanabwana Rural Local Level Government Area LLG, Samarai-Murua District, which are in Milne Bay Province.[2]


Sideia Island was sighted by Europeans when the Spanish expedition of Luís Vaez de Torres arrived on 18 July 1606.[3] Their ship, San Pedro anchored at Oba Bay in the south west, that they then named Puerto San Francisco. It was later renamed as Puerto Lerma after the 1st Duke of Lerma. Torres named the island St. Bonaventure.

The mission in that island was established on April 22, 1932 by the Australian Province of the French Congregation Missionaries of the Sacred Heart (MSC). By 1942, it was fully developed and became the base for other missions in the nearby islands. Many facilities were set up to provide education, medical assistance and ways of living to the native of the area.[4]


Sideia is located East of the end of New Guinea mainland. Its area is 101.3 km². The island is part of the Sideia group, itself a part of Samarai Islands of the Louisiade Archipelago. It is located between Sariba Island and Basilaki Island. The island of Sideia is quite near Alotau and can be reached in less than three hours by motor boat.


The population of 1890 is living in 30 villages across the island. The most important one, and where the dock is located, is Sideia. The other villages: Lamoasi, Mwalotakilili, Dumalawe, Paka, Gugui, Gadogadowa, Oba, Memeali, Kunubala, Gabutau, Makabweabweau, Nasauwai, Tabuara, Liliki, Kalu, Gotai, Wanahaua, Sekuku, Waiyau, Goteia, Kaula, Kubi, Boikalakalawa, Namoa, Dulaona, Balagatete, Tegerauna [5]


The islanders, are farmers as opposed to eastern Louisiade Archipelago islanders. they grow Sago, Taro, and Yams for crops.[6]


There is a dock at Sideia.

Flora and fauna[edit]

The following mammals are on the island:

The following fish are near the island:[7]


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