Sideman (bishop)

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Bishop of Crediton
Church Christian
Elected 973
Term ended 977
Predecessor Ælfwold I
Successor Ælfric
Personal details
Died 977

Sideman (or Sidemann) was a medieval Bishop of Crediton.

Sideman was elected to Crediton in 973. He died on 30 April or 1 May or 2 May in 977.[1] According to Byrhtferth of Ramsey, Sideman was a protégé of Ælfhere, ealdorman of Mercia. The same source says that Edward the Martyr was fostered by Sideman for a time before Edward's father's death.[2] He died at a Royal council held at Kirtlington in Oxfordshire in 977 and was buried at Abingdon Abbey in Berkshire (now Oxfordshire).


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