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"Sideways" is a song written by American artist Clarence Greenwood, who is known by the pseudonym Citizen Cope. Although the song has never charted,[1] it has been widely publicized in pop culture. The song is often referred to by a refrain from the song: These Feelings Won't Go Away. The song was included on Santana's 2002 album Shaman. Then Citizen Cope included it in his 2004 album. It has since been covered by artist such as Sheryl Crow and Corey Taylor.

Original version[edit]

28 second sample from Clarence Greenwood's "Sideways" (Santana ft. Citizen Cope from Shaman).

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The song was included in Santana's Shaman album featuring Citizen Cope.[2] Greenwood is credited as the writer and producer of this track. A two-line refrain in the song that is repeated is "These feelings won't go away, They've been knockin' me sideways," leading to its actual and its commonly mistaken title. This version uses an electric guitar backup behind Citizen Cope's vocals. Citizen Cope has a version featuring Santana with a music video that is set to scenes from the 2006 Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz film The Fountain.[3]

Citizen Cope version[edit]

The song was included on Citizen Cope's 2004 album The Clarence Greenwood Recordings with a running time of 5:22.[4] The Video for this version credits Craig M. Johnson as the director and was distributed by RCA Records. It features Greenwood playing a classical guitar while singing and various spliced images of him. A Re-recording of the song appears on a limited edition of Citizen Cope's 2010 album The Rainwater LP. Citizen Cope's version also appears on the 2005 compilation album Live At the World Cafe: Volume 19 with a running time of 5:19.[5][6] The song is also included in 2010 Italian Film "Baciami Ancora"'s soundtrack.[7]

Other versions[edit]

30 second sample from Clarence Greenwood's "Sideways" (Sheryl Crow ft. Citizen Cope from 100 Miles from Memphis).

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Sheryl Crow does a 5:11 version on her 2010 album 100 Miles from Memphis featuring Citizen Cope.[8] Part of this version appeared on the November 1, 2011 Season 2, "Hard Knocks" episode 7 of Body of Proof.[9]

Pop culture[edit]


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