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The Old Hall at Newnham College, the first building of the college on Sidgwick Avenue.

Sidgwick Avenue is located in western Cambridge, England.[1] It links Grange Road to the west with Queen's Road to the east. The road continues northeast into central Cambridge as Silver Street.

At the western end to the north is Selwyn College and to the south is Newnham College. Ridley Hall is a theological college on the south side of Sidgwick Avenue. To the north is the Sidgwick Site of the University of Cambridge.[2] Here can be found Lady Mitchell Hall and the Museum of Classical Archaeology. The Marshall Library of Economics moved to Sidgwick Avenue in the 1960s.


The early progress of women at Cambridge University owes much to Henry Sidgwick, a philosophy fellow of Trinity College. In 1871, with Anne Clough, the first Principal of Newnham College, and Eleanor Balfour (Sidgwick's future wife), Sidgwick oversaw the purchase of a house for five female students who wished to attend lectures but did not live near enough to the University to do so. In 1875, the first building was built on Sidgwick Avenue site of Newnham College, now called Old Hall. Sidgwick Avenue is named after Henry and Eleanor Sidgwick.


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