Sidi Bishr

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Sidi Bishr
سيدي بشر
Sidi Bishr is located in Egypt
Sidi Bishr
Sidi Bishr
Location in Egypt
Coordinates: 31°15′07″N 29°59′40″E / 31.252066°N 29.994464°E / 31.252066; 29.994464Coordinates: 31°15′07″N 29°59′40″E / 31.252066°N 29.994464°E / 31.252066; 29.994464
Country  Egypt
Governorate Alexandria
Time zone EST (UTC+2)

Sidi Bishr (Arabic: سيدي بشر‎‎) is a neighborhood in the Montaza District of Alexandria, Egypt. Established as a summering site by the Egyptian middle class before the Revolution of 1952, it has since become one of the largest neighborhoods of the city.[1]


The Coptic Orthodox Church of Saint Mark and Pope Peter—known locally as the Church of the Two Saints—located in Sidi Bishr, was the target of the 2011 Alexandria bombing on 1 January 2011; formerly suspected to be the work of terrorist group the Army of Islam, the Chief Prosecutor of Egypt has since accused the Interior Ministry of carrying out the bombing.[2]

The headquarters of Montaza District are located in Sidi Bishr; the building was damaged by fire during the Revolution of 2011, as it contained a police station.

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