Sidi Gaber

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Sidi Gaber
سيدي جابر
The clock of Sidi Gaber railway station
The clock of Sidi Gaber railway station
Coordinates: 31°13′16″N 29°56′17″E / 31.221169°N 29.938073°E / 31.221169; 29.938073Coordinates: 31°13′16″N 29°56′17″E / 31.221169°N 29.938073°E / 31.221169; 29.938073
Country  Egypt
Governorate Alexandria
Time zone EST (UTC+2)

Sidi Gaber (Arabic: سيدي جابر‎‎) is a neighbourhood in Alexandria, Egypt.

The interior section of the neighbourhood contains the Sidi Gaber railway station, the main rail entry point to Alexandria for most travellers. The station is one of the oldest in Egypt, having served the eastern regions of the city even before their transformation into major urban districts (they had previously been summering resorts for foreigners and wealthy and middle-class Cairenes). As of 2011, the station is undergoing expansion, with the intent to turn old parts of the station into a railway museum, and include space for commerce in the newer parts.


The Sidi Gaber neighbourhood plays host to the headquarters of the Northern Military Region of the Egyptian Army and the Armed Forces Hospital in Alexandria.


The death of Khaled Saeed which triggered the 2011 Egyptian Revolution took place in Sidi Gaber Police station. Many protests were formed in the area before the revolution and were brutally dealt with by the police.

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