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Sidi Touré performing in 2013

Sidi Touré (born 1959, Gao, Mali) is a singer/songwriter from Bamako, Mali. His music is a type of songhaï blues. He started his career in the Sonhaï Stars, a regional orchestra. In 1984 he won the award of best singer with a song of his own hand at a Mali National Bienale. He won the same prize again in 1986. In 1992 he collaborated with Kassemady Diabaté.

Outside Mali, Sidi Touré is mainly known for his appearance in Vincent Moon's Take-Away Show series of videos. Moon filmed the Malian musician on location in Mali.


  • Hoga, 1996, Stern's Records
  • Sahel Folk, 2011, Thrill Jockey Records
  • Koïma, 2012, Thrill Jockey Records
  • Alafia 2013


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