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Sidney Desvigne (September 11, 1893 – December 2, 1959) was an American jazz trumpeter.

Desvigne played in a large number of noted 1910s and 1920s-era New Orleans Jazz ensembles, including Leonard Bechet's Silver Bell Band, the Maple Leaf Orchestra, the Excelsior Brass Band, and Ed Allen's Whispering Gold Band. He and Fate Marable often played together on riverboats. In 1926 Desvigne formed his own orchestra, Sidney Desvigne's Southern Syncopators, playing at St. Bernard's Country Club and on the S.S. Island Queen; among his sidemen were Red Allen, Pops Foster, and Al Morgan.

Desvigne attempted to create a New Orleans big band in the 1930s, hoping to capitalize on the swing jazz craze. In the 1950s he left New Orleans and opened a club in Los Angeles.


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