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Sidney Miller
Sidney "Speakerbomb" Miller
Background information
Birth name Sidney Anthony Miller III
Also known as Speakerbomb
Born (1980-09-24) September 24, 1980 (age 37)
Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Origin Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Genres Pop, R&B, hip-hop, rock n roll
Occupation(s) Musician, producer, engineer, arranger, composer, film composer
Instruments keyboard, Piano, synthesizer, drums, drum machines
Years active 1997–present
Labels Universal Music Publishing Group, Songs Music Publishing, Decon, Atlantic Records
Associated acts Malbec, L.A. Riot Music, Freddie Gibbs, The Knux, Lupe Fiasco Soul Diggaz, The Sharpshootaz, Alex Jacke, Jesse McCartney

Sidney Miller III (born September 24, 1980), also known his production name of Speakerbomb, is an American record producer and musician.[1] He was a founding member of the Los Angeles based band Malbec,[2] and was also a keyboardist in the hip hop group The Knux.[3] He is currently a producing and writing as a member of The Sharpshootaz production/songwriting team, working with artists like Alex Jacke and Jesse McCartney.

Early life[edit]

Sidney Miller III was born in Los Angeles, CA as the son of music trade magazine founders, Sidney Miller Jr.[4] and Susan Miller. They started publishing Black Radio Exclusive, popularly known as BRE Magazine,[5] in 1976 and Miller was born into that music industry environment in 1980. Miller went to Brentwood School in Brentwood, California, graduated class of 1998[6] and then went to college at University of Florida.

Production career[edit]

While attending school at University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida, Miller first honed his production skills by creating his own studio and label. For his four years of school, he worked with a variety of local acts including Big Bud,[7] The Strugglazz, Shorty Roc, Lil Po and Dieng Breed, who had a single called "Down In The Ville" on the radio.

He got his first big break into the industry when he joined the production team known as The Soul Diggaz, who at the time had just inked a deal with Missy Elliott to produce tracks for her.[8] Miller got his first shot working with big names like, Missy Elliott, Olivia, and Jully Black. His first major label placement would come on Jully's This Is Me album with the song "Stay The Night".[9]

Later in 2005, Miller got another major placement on Lupe Fiasco's debut album, Food & Liquor, with the song "What It Do," which was also produced by Brandon Howard.

In 2007, Miller began producing under the production name, "Speakerbomb".

Miller also got to work on Korn frontman, Jonathan Davis' solo album, which ended up being shelved.

In 2007, Miller met rap artist, Freddie Gibbs, through friends, Josh The Goon and The Knux who were labelmates with him at Interscope Records. The two started working together and their relationship developed into a slew of songs that would be released on Freddie's subsequent mixtapes, MidwestGangstaBoxFrameCadillacMuzik, The Labels Tryin To Kill Me! and Str8 Killa No Filla. Miller, along with Josh The Goon, produced the first single, "National Anthem," off of Freddie's first official label release of the Str8 Killa EP on Decon Records through Sony. Josh The Goon and Miller produce tracks together under the moniker of L.A. Riot Music.

In 2010, Miller linked up with former RedZone Entertainment head, Laney Stewart, to join Stewart's new up and coming The Sharpshootaz production/songwriting team. In June 2011, he signed a publishing deal through The Sharpshootaz with Universal Music Publishing Group and Stewart Music Group.

In June 2011, Sunspot Jonz of Living Legends released his Galaxy of Dreams album with three songs that Miller produced, "Beat The Beat", "Return Of Animalface", and "Like A Phantom (The Fake Jimmy Swaggert Theme)".

In the fall of 2011, Miller had a song, "Look Easy", with Freddie Gibbs that was the 2K Sports' NBA 2K12 video game, as well as another Gibbs song called "Executive Decision", which was released on the A3C Vol. 1 Compilation. He also produced the song, "Neighborhood Hoez", from Freddie Gibbs' Cold Day In Hell Mixtape. The song also featured 2 Chainz, formerly known as Tity Boi.

The Sharpshootaz linked up with Jesse McCartney in late 2011 to record several songs for his next album, including "Out Of Words",[10] which was leaked in July 2012. The songs were all written by The Sharpshootaz, including Alex Jacke, Gabriel Nowee and Romika Faniel, and Jesse McCartney himself, with production from Laney Stewart and co-production from Miller as a member of the Sharpshootaz.

Miller worked with Laney Stewart and The Sharpshootaz on their writing crew's first internal artist, Alex Jacke, who is a fellow Sharpshootaz writer along with Miller. The work culminated in the release of Alex Jacke's EP, entitled D.F.M.[11] on July 9, 2012. Miller co-produced the entire EP as a member of The Sharpshootaz and co-wrote two of the songs on the EP, "Callin For You" and "Enjoy The Ride." In February 2013, Miller co-produced and co-wrote on 5 of the songs on Alex Jacke's D.F.M. Deluxe release.


In 2003, Miller met Pablo Signori and quickly started a musical relationship that would turn into the band, Malbec. From 2003 to 2011, they put out 7 EP's and 1 full length album,[12] cutting out their own niche of pop rock, hip hop and electronic music.[13][14] They signed a publishing deal with Songs Music Publishing in 2007.[13]

They appeared on a number of TV shows and movie soundtracks,[15] including One Tree Hill, Flight of the Phoenix, Long Way Round, The Omen, Palo Alto, VIP Passport, Kyle XY, Dirty Sexy Money,[16] My Best Friend's Girl[17] and Chuck.[18][19] Malbec also recorded "Given the Times" in Simlish for the 2007 Electronic Arts game The Sims: Pet Stories 2.

Malbec has toured all over the country[20] with bands like Mutemath, Mat Kearney, OneRepublic,[21] Under the Influence of Giants, Phantom Planet, Rock Kills Kid, Copeland, The Knux, and Tally Hall.[22]

Freddie Gibbs[edit]

In late 2014, Miller joined Freddie Gibbs at his ESGN Records as Producer/Engineer. They released a critically acclaimed EP, named "Pronto," on March 9, 2015[23] through Gibbs' ESGN imprint through Empire Distribution. Later on November 20 of 2015, the pair followed up the EP with a critically acclaimed full length album, called Shadow of a Doubt,[24][25][26] on which he co-produced all but one of the songs with a slew of heavyweight producers including Boi-1da, Frank Dukes, Tarentino of 808 Mafia, Kaytranada and Sledgren. He produced two songs on the album by himself, including "10 Times," which was released as a single featuring Gucci Mane and E-40.[27][28][29][30][31] In 2016, Freddie Gibbs released a pair of songs together on January 13, 2016 called "Dead Presidents Freestyle" and "Hot Boys."[32]


Jully Black This is Me

  • "Stay The Night"

Universal Music (Canada), Jully Black Entertainment Inc. 2005

Lupe Fiasco Food & Liquor

  • "What It Do"

Atlantic Records 2005

Malbec Malbec EP

  • Double O Buffalo


Malbec Keep It A Secret EP

  • Double O Buffalo


Malbec Dawn Of Our Age

  • Double O Buffalo


Malbec Answering Machine EP's (1-5)

  • Double O Buffalo


Freddie Gibbs MidwestGangstaBoxFrameCadillacMuzik

  • "County Bounce"
  • "Murda On My Mind"

Gibbs Family 2009

Freddie Gibbs The Labels Tryin To Kill Me!

  • "County Bounce"
  • "Murda On My Mind"

Gibbs Family 2009

Freddie Gibbs Str8 Killa EP

  • "National Anthem" Single

Decon / Sony 2010[37]

Freddie Gibbs National Anthem EP

  • "National Anthem" Single

Decon / Sony 2010[37]

Freddie Gibbs Str8 Killa No Filla Mixtape

  • "National Anthem (Fuck The World)"
  • "Best Friend"
  • "Slangin' Rocks"
  • "4681 Broadway"

Decon 2010

B. Howard Genesis

  • "Take It Slow"
  • "Dancefloor"

Universal Japan 2010

B. Howard

  • "Dancefloor" U.S. Single

6 Point Entertainment 2011[38]

Sunspot Jonz (of Living Legends) Galaxy Of Dreams

  • "Bump The Beat"
  • "The Return of AnimalFace"
  • "Like A Phantom (The Fake Jimmy Swaggert Theme)"

Revenge Entertainment 2011[39]

Alex Jacke D.F.M."

  • "Callin For You"
  • "Enjoy The Ride"

Independent 2012[40][41]

Alex Jacke D.F.M. Deluxe"

  • "Callin For You"
  • "Enjoy The Ride"
  • "No Hands"
  • "Love To Love Ya"
  • "We Should Have Sex"

Independent 2013[42][43][44][45]

Freddie Gibbs Shadow of a Doubt (2015)

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Producer(s) Length
1. "Rearview" Blair Norf, Sid "Speakerbomb" Miller 3:57
2. "Narcos" Blair Norf, Sid "Speakerbomb" Miller 3:07
3. "Careless" Pops, Superville, Sid "Speakerbomb" Miller 3:46
4. "Fuckin' up the Count" Boi-1da, Frank Dukes, Sid "Speakerbomb" Miller 3:21
5. "Extradite" (featuring Black Thought) Mikhail, Sid "Speakerbomb" Miller 4:39
6. "McDuck" (featuring Dana Williams) Sid "Speakerbomb" Miller 3:28
7. "Mexico" (featuring Tory Lanez) Murda Beatz, Sid "Speakerbomb" Miller 4:12
8. "Packages" (featuring ManMan Savage) Tarentino of 808 Mafia, Sid "Speakerbomb" Miller 3:48
9. "10 Times" (featuring Gucci Mane & E-40) Sid "Speakerbomb" Miller 3:30
10. "Lately" Superville, 6-18, Superdriiv, Sid "Speakerbomb" Miller 3:55
11. "Basketball Wives" Bentley Haze, Sid "Speakerbomb" Miller 4:09
12. "Forever and a Day" J Reid, Sid "Speakerbomb" Miller 4:36
13. "Insecurities" Kaytranada, Frank Dukes, Sid "Speakerbomb" Miller 4:26
14. "Freddie Gordy" Blair Norf, Sid "Speakerbomb" Miller 3:51
15. "Cold Ass Nigga" Mike Dean 3:53
16. "My Boy" Sledgren, Sid "Speakerbomb" Miller 4:30
17. "10 Chickens" Pops, Mikhail, Sid "Speakerbomb" Miller 2:38

Film placements[edit]

Malbec "Solstice"

  • Flight Of The Phoenix

20th Century Fox 2004

Malbec "To Be Continued"

  • The Omen (2006 film)

20th Century Fox 2006

Malbec "Blue"

  • Palo Alto

Independent 2007

Malbec "Blue"

  • My Best Friend's Girl

Lionsgate 2008

TV placements[edit]

Malbec "Solstice"

  • Long Way Round

Bravo 2005

Malbec "Solstice"

  • One Tree Hill

The CW 2006

Malbec "Keep It A Secret"

  • Kyle XY

ABC Family 2008

Malbec "Irene Song"

  • Dirty Sexy Money

ABC 2009

Malbec "Answering Machine"

  • Chuck

NBC 2010[13]

Video game placements[edit]

Malbec "Given The Times"

  • The Sims: Pet Stories 2

Electronic Arts 2007

Freddie Gibbs "Look Easy"

  • NBA 2K12

2K Sports 2011[13]


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