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Sidonie de la Houssaye, née Hélène Perret, pen name Louise Raymond (Edgard, Louisiana, August 17, 1820 – February 18, 1894) was an American French language writer.[1]

The daughter of Creoles Ursin Perret and Françoise Pain, she received a bilingual education in English and French while living in St. John the Baptist Parish, Louisiana. She married Alexandre Pelletier de la Houssaye when she was thirteen years old and they had eight sons and one daughter.

After her husband's death during the American Civil War, she worked as a school teacher in Franklin, Louisiana.


  • Contes d'une grand-mère louisianaise
  • Pouponne et Balthazar, 1888
  • Les Quarteronnes de La Nouvelle Orléans (posthumous tetralogy published from 1895 in Le Méchacébé)
Gina la quarteronne
Dahlia la quarteronne
Octavia la quarteronne
Violetta la quarteronne


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