Sidra Medical and Research Center

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Sidra Medicine
Qatar Foundation
Construction of Sidra Medical and Research Center in 2014.jpg
LocationEducation City, Al Rayyan Municipality, Qatar
FundingGovernment hospital
Affiliated universityWeill Cornell Medical College in Qatar
FoundedJanuary 2018

Sidra Medicine is a 400-bed hospital, medical education center and biomedical research center in Al Rayyan, Qatar, formed as an initiative of Qatar Foundation. It is affiliated with the Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar. Its initial inpatient hospital was formally opened in January 2018 with 400 beds.[1] At its peak operational capacity, it will serve more than 275,000 patients per year.[2]


Sidra is located in Education City, a city-scale initiative by Qatar Foundation.[3] This portion of Education City is located Al Gharrafa, which in turn is a district of Al Rayyan City in the Municipality of Al Rayyan in Qatar.[4]

Outside the hospital is a series of 14 giant bronze sculptures by Damien Hirst called The Miraculous Journey, graphically charting the development of a baby in the uterus from conception to birth. It is owned by the Qatar Foundation.[5]


Qatar Foundation, a quasi-government organization, allotted a massive $7.9 billion budget for the hospital's construction. It first selected the center's contractors in 2008 but in 2014 assigned new contractors to complete the project.[6]

Biomedical research first began at Sidra in 2015. Outpatient care facilities and services were inaugurated in May 2016; as of 2018 there are at least 50 outpatient facilities.[7] Throughout 2017, more than 25,000 people were treated at the hospital's outpatient clinic.[1]

On 14 January, 2018, Sidra launched its inpatient hospital with 400 beds, treating 10 patients on its initial day of opening. The hospital is expected to become fully commissioned sometime in 2018, after the construction of an emergency department and the addition of further services.[7] Future plans will witness an expansion from 400 beds to 550 beds.[1]

Roughly 3,900 staff members were retained by Sidra at the time of inaugurating its inpatient hospital.[1]

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