Siedlęcin Tower

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Siedlęcin Tower

Siedlęcin Tower is the 14th century tower castle, situated in a village of Siedlęcin in the administrative district of Gmina Jeżów Sudecki, within Jelenia Góra County, Lower Silesian Voivodeship, in south-western Poland.

The keep in Siedlęcin is one of the best-preserved examples of such buildings in Central Europe; its construction was probably started in 1313 or 1314 by Henry I of Jawor. He and his wife Agnes of Bohemia also commissioned the medieval mural paintings, regarding Sir Lancelot legend, in the great hall of the keep.

The Siedlęcin tower, surrounded by a moat, is a keep of a relatively modest sort, which combines the functions of housing, ceremony, and defence in a vertical disposition analogous to those found in other castles in Europe: the lower storeys were designed for defence and for trade and business; the upper floors consisted of living quarters, and fulfilled the ceremonial functions of the dukes; the topmost floor also served defensive purposes.

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