Siedlce, Gdańsk

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Siedlce [ˈɕɛdlt͡sɛ] (Kashubian: Szëdlëce, German: Schidlitz) is a district (dzielnica) of the city of Gdańsk, Poland, with 17,584 inhabitants (area 2.6 km²).

It includes the area around Kartuska street (the exit from Gdańsk for Kartuzy). It recently stopped being one of the most important city highways, since the new 4-lane exit through Chełm took traffic out of the street.

Important buildings[edit]

In Siedlce there is a Neo-Gothic Catholic church, which is the center of the Parish of st. Francis of Assisi. It is situated on ulica Struga. There are also two schools in Siedlce, both close to Kartuska street.

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Coordinates: 54°20′49″N 18°37′02″E / 54.347081°N 18.617098°E / 54.347081; 18.617098