Siege of Angkor

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Siege of Angkor
Sack of Angkor

Thai victory

  • Kingdom of Ayutthaya sacks and loots Angkor
  • Khmer Empire collapses
  • King Ponhea Yat flees to Southern Cambodia
Kingdom of Ayutthaya Khmer Empire
Commanders and leaders
Unknown Ponhea Yat
Unknown unknown

The Siege of Angkor, also known as the Sack of Angkor or Fall of Angkor was a seven-month siege by the Kingdom of Ayutthaya on the Khmer capital of Angkor. After the Khmer refused to recognize Thai authority, the Thai besieged Angkor and sacked the capital city. The Khmer King Ponhea Yat fled the city to Basan and later to Krong Chaktomuk. Though the Khmer Empire was already in decline, the conquest of Angkor delivered the final blow and the Khmer Empire fell. Though the Empire lived on as the Kingdom of Kambujadesa, it was reduced to a minor state in Southeast Asia and often became a vassal to larger neighbouring states. Angkor was subsequently abandoned in the following centuries before being abandoned completely. After the Fall of Angkor, the King moved the capital first to Basan and later to Krong Chaktomuk, initiating the period known as the Dark Ages of Cambodia.