Siege of Asti (402)

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Siege of Asti
Part of the Germanic Wars
Date402 CE
LocationAsti,  Italy
Result inconclusive
Visigoths Roman Empire
Commanders and leaders
Alaric I Stilicho

The Siege of Asti was a siege in 402 CE, laid by the Visigoths under their king Alaric I after the Visigothic invasion of Northern Italy.

Emperor Honorius fled the Imperial capital in Mediolanum upon the rapid advance of the Goths through northern Italy. His original intent of escaping to Arles was foiled by an advanced Gothic party which blocked his western march. Pursued by the invaders, the Emperor with his retinue fled instead to Asti, then named Hasta. The Goths placed Hasta under siege until March when General Stilicho, bringing reinforcements from the Rhine, forced them to lift the siege and retreat to a more convenient terrain in Pollentia, where they battled the Roman army.