Siege of Brescia

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This article is about the siege in 1238. For the siege in 1512, see Sack of Brescia.
Siege of Brescia
Part of the Wars of the Guelphs and Ghibellines
Date 1238
Location Brescia, Lombardy, present-day Italy
Result Guelph victory
Holy Roman Empire Brescian Guelphs (Lombard League)
Commanders and leaders
Frederick II

The Siege of Brescia occurred in 1238. After his victory the previous year at the battle of Cortenuova, Emperor Frederick sought to bring about the unconditional surrender of the city of Milan and its allies. Assembling his army in Verona in April 1238, he decided to besiege the Guelf town of Brescia. Emperor Frederick began the siege on 11 July 1238 and it lasted until a successful sortie by the city's defenders in early October forced him to lift the siege.[1]


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