Siege of Caesarea Cappadocia (260)

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Siege of Caesarea (260)
Part of the Roman-Persian wars
Date 260
Location Caesarea, Cappadocia (present day Turkey)
Result Sassanid victory
Sassanids capture Caesarea
Sassanid Empire Roman Empire
Commanders and leaders
Shapur I
Hormizd I
Unknown Unknown
Casualties and losses
Unknown, probably minimal Unknown number of soldiers killed
Deportation of 400,000 people

The Siege of Caesarea took place when the Sassanids under Shapur I besieged the Roman city of Antioch in 260 after winning over the Romans in the Battle of Edessa.


The siege took place during a Sassanid invasion of the Roman east, Caesarea during that time had a large population (about 400,000 inhabitants).

The Siege[edit]

The Sassanids were unable to take the city, and took a Roman as captive and tortured him until he revealed another route they could use. The Sassanids raided Caesarea during the night, killing every Roman soldier.


According to Percy Sykes, "He[Shapur] captured Caesarea Mazaca, the greatest city in Cappadocia; but probably from lack of a standing army, again made no attempt to organize and administer, or even to retain, his conquests. He merely killed and ravaged with barbarous severity".[1]


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