Siege of Cardiff

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Siege of Cardiff
Part of Despenser wars
Date 25 October – 16 November 1326
Location Wales
Result Isabella and Mortimer's victory
Marcher Lords Royalists
Commanders and leaders
Isabella of France Edward II of England
Edmund Fitzalan
1,500 unknown
Casualties and losses
unknown unknown

The Siege of Cardiff was the last engagement of the Despenser wars. Edward II of England was forced to return here on 25 October 1326, coincidentally the same day that Isabella of France besieged it.


Edward II was ultimately defeated at the Siege of Bristol, so he fled to Wales. He was forced to go to the town of Cardiff, near the border. Isabella of France and her Army was close to victory. Hugh Despenser the younger also went to Cardiff, along with Edmund Fitzalan. Isabella shifted her focus to the town, and moved to capture it.[citation needed]


Queen Isabella moved her troops to besiege the town; she encircled it. Her willingness to capture the town drove her to mount several attacks on it. The ring closed in, and the Edward's army were being beaten down. Despenser was captured along with Fitzalan. Edward II knew that he couldn't escape. He was captured as well. What remained of the Royalist surrendered. Isabella had succeeded in her campaign against Edward.[citation needed]

Coordinates: 51°28′58″N 3°10′56″W / 51.4827°N 3.1823°W / 51.4827; -3.1823