Siege of Diu (1531)

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Siege of Diu (1531)
Part of the Ottoman–Portuguese conflicts
Date 1531
Location Diu, Gujarat Sultanate
Result Ottoman-Gujarati victory
Fictitious Ottoman flag 4.svg Ottoman Empire
Gujarat Sultanate Flag.gifGujarat Sultanate
Flag Portugal (1521).svg Portuguese Empire
Commanders and leaders
Mustafa Bayram Nuno da Cunha
12,000 men[1]
1 galleon[2]
17 galleys[2]
several basilisks[2]
14 galleons[2]
6 carracks[2]
2 galleasses[2]
2 caravels[2]
17 galleys[2]
112 foists and brigantines[2]
5 supply junks[2]
several trade ships[2]
3,000 Portuguese soldiers[2]
5,000 Malabarese auxilliaries and slaves[2]
1400 Portuguese sailors[2]
4,000 native Indian sailors and rowers[2]

The Siege of Diu occurred when a combined Ottoman-Gujarati force defeated a Portuguese attempt to capture the city of Diu in 1531. The victory was partly the result of Ottoman firepower over the Portuguese besiegers deployed by Mustafa Bayram, an Ottoman expert.[3]

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