Siege of Fukazawa

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Siege of Fukazawa
Part of Sengoku period
Date 1571
Location Fukazawa, Suruga province
Result Takeda victory
Hōjō clan castle garrison forces of Takeda Shingen
Commanders and leaders
Hōjō Tsunanari Takeda Shingen

The 1571 siege of Fukazawa was one of a number of battles which formed Takeda Shingen's campaigns against the Hōjō clan, during Japan's Sengoku period. Having burned the town of Odawara surrounding the Hōjō home castle two years earlier, he laid siege to a number of other Hōjō holdings in the surrounding provinces, including Fukazawa, in Suruga province.

This was the sixth time he had invaded Suruga; Fukazawa was held by Hōjō Tsunanari, who ultimately surrendered just after the lunar New Year, and withdrew to Odawara.


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