Siege of Gaeta (1815)

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Siege of Gaeta
Part of the Neapolitan War
Siege of Gaeta 1806 Map.jpg
Map of the 1806 Siege of Gaeta showing the terrain
Date28 May – 8 August 1815
Gaeta, present-day Italy
41°13′00″N 13°34′00″E / 41.2167°N 13.5667°E / 41.2167; 13.5667Coordinates: 41°13′00″N 13°34′00″E / 41.2167°N 13.5667°E / 41.2167; 13.5667
Result Anglo-Austrian victory[1]
 Austrian Empire
 United Kingdom
 Kingdom of Naples
Commanders and leaders
Joseph Freiherr von Lauer Maresciallo di Campo Alessandro Begani
2,500[1] 2,000[1]
Casualties and losses
277 killed or wounded[1] 238 killed
1,762 captured[1]
Siege of Gaeta (1815) is located in Europe
Siege of Gaeta (1815)
Location within Europe

The siege of Gaeta of 1815 was a three-month siege of the city of Gaeta by Austrian forces during the Neapolitan War.


The Neapolitan garrison was commanded by Maresciallo di Campo Alessandro Begani, general of the deposed King of Naples Gioacchino Murat, while the Austrians were commanded by Joseph Freiherr von Lauer. The Austrians were reinforced by the ships of the Royal Navy. On 8 August 1815 the city capitulated, marking the official end of the war.[1]


The defenders were forced to capitulate due to the lack of food and for the diseases that raged in the troops. For the surrender, General Begani obtained honorable conditions.[2]



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