Siege of Gurdaspur

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Battle of Gurdas Nangal
Part of Mughal-Sikh Wars
Date 1715
Location Gurdaspur, Punjab
Result Mughal Victory.[1] Banda singh bahadur was captured alive along with other followers after 8 months of siege.
Alam of the Mughal Empire.svgMughal Empire Nishan Sahib.svg Khalsa
Commanders and leaders
Abdus Samad Khan Bahadur
Qamar-ud-Din Khan Bahadur
Zakariya Khan Bahadur
Zain ud-din Ahmad Khan
Muhammad Amin Khan Turani

The Siege of Gurdaspur of 1715 was a major campaign of the new Mughal Emperor Farrukhsiyar in present-day India.


Banda and his followers were then taken to Delhi and executed by the orders of Mughal Emperor Farrukhsiyar in the year 1716, along with a large number of Sikhs who were rounded up by the Mughal army from villages and towns on the March back to Delhi.[2][3]

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