Siege of Hippo Regius

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Siege of Hippo Regius
Part of the Germanic Wars
Hippo Regius Algeria 6.jpg
Ruins of Hippo Regius
DateJune 430 – August 431
LocationHippo Regius, Africa (modern Annaba, Algeria)
Result Roman victory
Vandals Labarum.svg Western Roman Empire
Commanders and leaders
Genseric Boniface
Unknown Unknown
Casualties and losses
Unknown St. Augustine

The Siege of Hippo Regius was a siege from June 430 to August 431, carried out by the Vandals under king Genseric.

Hippo Regius was defended by Boniface, Count of Africa, who having command of the sea, was able to keep the city well pro-visioned, and after fourteen months Genseric lifted the siege. Among those who died during the siege was St. Augustine.[1]


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