Siege of Jinju (1593)

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The Second Siege of Jinju
Part of Hideyoshi's invasions of Korea
Date July 1593
Location Jinju castle, Korea
Result Japanese victory
Japanese army Korean army, citizens
Commanders and leaders
Kato Kiyomasa
Ukita Hideie
Kuroda Nagamasa
Tachibana Muneshige
Hwang Jin
Kim Cheon-il
90,000 soldiers 3,000
militias 3,000
civilians 50,000
Casualties and losses
Unknown annihilated

The Second Siege of Jinju was a battle during 1593 in Hideyoshi's invasions of Korea at Jinju Fort, Korea, between Japan and Korea. Unlike the First Siege of Jinju this battle resulted in a Japanese victory. The Koreans defended the castle desperately with various weapons including bows, handguns, "black" class cannons (hyeonja-chongtong), explosive shots fired from mortars, killing numerous Japanese soldiers and destroying towers and bamboo palisades. The Koreans resisted for ten days, until a section of wall was breached by Japanese sappers, who had hid in an armoured cart called a "tortoise shell cart". This became the origin of the Uwajima Ushi-oni Festival. The fortress was captured with the loss of the garrison commander, Hwang Jin, and all of his defenders and civilians.