Siege of La Charité

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Siege of La Charité
Part of the Armagnac–Burgundian Civil War
Date November 24–December 25, 1429
Location La Charité-sur-Loire, France
Result Impasse, the city delivered to Charles VII against a huge ransom[1]
Armoiries Armagnac-Rodez.svg Armagnacs Blason fr Bourgogne.svg Burgundians
Commanders and leaders
Coat of Arms of Jeanne d'Arc.svg Joan of Arc Perrinet Gressard

The Siege of La Charité was incited by the order of Charles VII to Joan of Arc after the warlord Perrinet Gressard seized the town in 1423.[1]

La Charité was not only strongly fortified, but fully victualled for a prolonged siege.[2] Joan's forces were known to be poorly equipped with artillery.[3] On November 7, 1429 the people of Clermont were addressed with a letter asking the town to send supplies to Joan's army for the siege.[4] On November 9 Joan made another request for supplies in preparation. Charles II d'Albret, of Joan's army, sent a letter to Riom on the same day. The assistance came from Bourges and Orléans, which sent soldiers and artillerymen.[2] However, after a month-long struggle in bad weather, the siege was abandoned.


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