Siege of Larache (1689)

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Siege of Larache
Date 1689
Location Larache, Morocco
Result Moroccan victory
Morocco annexes Larache.
Flag of Morocco 1666 1915.svg Morocco  Spain
Commanders and leaders
Moulay Ismail Unknown

The Siege of Larache, in 1689, was undertaken by the huge army of Morocco under Moulay Ismail against the Spaniards, who had ruled the city for nearly 80 years. After three months of siege, the defenders were forced to capitulate. Several centuries later, in 1911 the city was again controlled by the Spanish during the Protectorate.

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Coordinates: 35°11′00″N 6°09′00″W / 35.1833°N 6.1500°W / 35.1833; -6.1500