Siege of Miletus

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Siege of Miletus
Part of the Wars of Alexander the Great
The capture of Miletus by Andre Castaigne (1898-1899).jpg
The capture of Miletus by Andre Castaigne
Date 334 BC
Location Miletus, Caria (Modern-day Milet)
Result Macedonian victory.
Alexander controls half of Ionia.
Macedonian Empire Achaemenid Empire,
Milesian allies
Commanders and leaders
Alexander the Great,
Nicanor, Hephaestion
160 ships 400 ships (not engaged),
300 Milesians
Casualties and losses
Light Heavy

The Siege of Miletus was Alexander the Great's first naval encounter with the Achaemenid Empire. This minor siege was directed against the inhabitants of Miletus, a city in southern Ionia, in Caria, which is now located in the Aydın province of modern-day Turkey. It was captured by Parmenion's son, Nicanor in 334 BC.

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