Siege of Nagakubo

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Siege of Nagakubo
Part of the Sengoku period
Date 1543
Location Nagakubo, Shinano Province
Result Takeda victory
Forces of Oi Sadataka Takeda family forces
Commanders and leaders
Oi Sadataka Takeda Shingen
1200 3000

The Siege of Nagakubo (長窪城) was a battle of Japan's Sengoku period. It took place in 1543 as part of Takeda Shingen's bid to control Shinano Province, Japan. He took the castle of his former ally, Oi Sadataka, who had deserted him to ally with Murakami Yoshikiyo. Oi was sent to Takeda's home city of Kōfu as a prisoner, where he was then killed.


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