Siege of Opochka

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Siege of Opochka
Part of Fourth Muscovite–Lithuanian War
Date 20 September - 18 October 1517[citation needed]
Location Opochka fortress
56°42′43″N 28°39′23″E / 56.71194°N 28.65639°E / 56.71194; 28.65639Coordinates: 56°42′43″N 28°39′23″E / 56.71194°N 28.65639°E / 56.71194; 28.65639
Result Russian victory[1]
Grand Duchy of Lithuania
Kingdom of Poland
Grand Duchy of Moscow
Commanders and leaders
Konstanty Ostrogski
Janusz Świerczowski
Jerzy Radziwiłł
Vasily Morozov Saltykov
Fedor Telepnev Spade Obolensky
Ivan Lacki
14,000[citation needed] Unknown[citation needed]
Casualties and losses
About 5,500[citation needed] Unknown[citation needed]

The Siege of Opochka was an unsuccessful attempt by the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Kingdom of Poland to conquer the Muscovite fortress of Opochka during the Fourth Muscovite–Lithuanian War.


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