Siege of Santo Domingo (1805)

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Siege of Santo Domingo of 1805
Part of the Franco-Haitian War
DateMarch, 1805

French victory

 France Haiti
Commanders and leaders
Gen. Jean-Louis Ferrand [fr] Emperor Jacques I
Gen. Henri Christophe
2,000 regulars
six frigates
21,000 regulars and militia
Casualties and losses
Unknown Unknown

The siege of Santo Domingo of 1805 was a major battle of the Franco-Haitian War and was fought on March, 1805 at Santo Domingo, Saint-Domingue. A force of some 2,000 French Army troops led by Gen. Jean-Louis Ferrand [fr] resisted a siege of three weeks by a force of 21,000 Haitian Army troops led by Emperor Jacques I. The siege lasted until the city received naval support from six French Navy frigates.[1]


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