Siege of Shigisan

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Siege of Shigisan
Part of the Sengoku period
Date 1577
Location Shigisan castle, Japan
Result Siege succeeds; Oda victory
Shigisan falls to Oda Nobunaga
forces of Oda Nobunaga Matsunaga clan
Commanders and leaders
Oda Nobutada
Tsutsui Junkei
Matsunaga Hisahide
Matsunaga Kojirō

The 1577 siege of Shigisan (信貴山の合戦, Shigisan no kassen) was one of many sieges during Oda Nobunaga's campaigns to consolidate his power in the Kansai area. The castle was held by Matsunaga Hisahide and his son Kojirō, both of whom committed suicide upon their defeat.[1]

Supposedly, following his father's seppuku, Kojirō leapt from the castle walls, with his father's head in his hand, and his sword through his own throat.

Hisahide, a master of tea ceremony is also said to have smashed his favorite tea bowl so that it would not fall into the hands of his enemies.[1]:58


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