Siege of Trichinopoly (1741)

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Siege of Trichinopoly
Part of Imperial Maratha Conquests
Date 16 January 1741 - 26 March 1741
Location Trichinopoly, Now in Tamil Nadu
Result Maratha army successfully captures the town, compelling the surrender of Chanda Sahib.
Flag of the Maratha Empire.svg Maratha Empire

Mughal Empire

Commanders and leaders
Flag of the Maratha Empire.svgRaghuji Bhonsle Flag of the principality of Carnatic.gif Chanda Sahib  (POW)
40,000[1](p54) - 50,000[2]

The Siege of Trichinopoly took place in early 1741 during an extended series of conflicts between the Mughal Empire and the Maratha Empire for control over what is now southern India. Raghuji Bhonsle's Maratha army successfully starved out the town, compelling the surrender of Chanda Sahib on 26 March 1741.

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