Siege of Van (1548)

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Siege of Van
Part of the Ottoman–Safavid War (1532–55) within
Ottoman–Persian Wars

The walled city of Van
Date25 August 1548[1]
Result Ottoman victory
Safavid Empire Ottoman Empire
Supported By:
Commanders and leaders
Tahmasp I Suleiman I
Rüstem Pasha
Kingdom of France Gabriel de Luetz
French ambassador Gabriel de Luetz d'Aramon participated in the Ottoman campaign.

The siege of Van occurred in 1548 when Suleiman the Magnificent attacked Persia in his second campaign of the Ottoman-Safavid War (1532–1555).

The city of Van, which has long been strategic in Eastern Anatolia, was surrounded, put under siege, and bombarded. On this campaign, Suleiman was accompanied by the French ambassador Gabriel de Luetz.[2] Gabriel de Luetz was able to give decisive military advice to Suleiman, as when he advised on artillery placement during the siege.[2]


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